“The Heart of a Dog”, Chapter III – Weekly Reads

The literary plot continues to develop, and Sharik gradually gets used to the new “himself”. But he does not yet understand what exactly happened to him, and he cannot even imagine what this will lead to. Details in Chapter III below! Enjoy reading!

“The Heart of a Dog”, Chapter II – Weekly Reads

Given below, Chapter II will tell you about an incredible transformation, on the connection of the non-connectable. Some might even call it the emergence of a new form of life. Such a miracle took place in an ordinary Soviet apartment in Moscow. Enjoy reading!

“The Heart of a Dog”, Chapter I – Weekly Reads

Here we are in 2022! We would like to start the New Year with a new mailing of literature works by M. A. Bulgakov, namely one of his most famous works – “The Heart of a Dog”.

So, imagine: winter in Moscow, a strong blizzard is blowing, there is no one on the street. But in such a harsh atmosphere, a meeting took place, which in hindsight had incredible consequences. More detailes in Chapter I below.

Speech by Anastasia Gordeeva about Bulgakov and Batumi

For the first time, Bulgakov visited Batumi in 1921. It was when he was going to emigrate to Turkey, but then he realized that he could not live far from his homeland.

The second visit took place in 1928 when Bulgakov arrived in Batumi with his wife Tatyana Belozerskaya. They walked for hours around the city and surrounding places. Bulgakov fantasized a lot and was in a state of creative inspiration and decided to write the novel The Master and Margarita.

5th Bulgakov Society dinner

The Bulgakov Society in Hong Kong hosted a literary dinner on 29 October, 2021. Held at a new venue for the society, the Foreign Correspondent’s Club, which did not disappoint – great to meet in person and the evening was filled with lively repartee.

The dinner focused on one of Bulgakov’s most celebrated works, “Notes on a Cuff”, which reflects Bulgakov’s  life and experiences in the Caucasus, including Georgia.