“The Heart of a Dog”, Chapter VII – Weekly Reads

Mr. Sharikov, like any ordinary Muscovite, drinks vodka, reads literature and goes to the circus. Little can be said about the fact that Sharikov used to lead a dog’s life in the truest sense of the word. But will everything go smoothly for Mr. Sharikov? You can find out in Chapter VII. Happy reading!

“The Heart of a Dog”, Chapter VI – Weekly Reads

Dogs, like people, differ from each other in character, interests and habits. But Sharik is no longer just a dog, but a dog with human desires and interests. Apparently, Professor Preobrazhensky could not understand this. Therefore, conflict is brewing between them. More details in Chapter VI below.

“The Heart of a Dog”, Chapter V – Weekly Reads

Have you ever read a medical record of a patient? It is not always a pleasant reading, but it is often very informative. In Chapter V, you can find detailed information about the medical procedures that turn a dog named Sharik into Mr. Sharikov, and more! Enjoy reading!

“The Heart of a Dog”, Chapter IV – Weekly Reads

We continue to acquaint you with the fascinating Bulgakov`s stories. Sharik begins to actively make new acquaintances, although his collar scares off new friends. However, one thing we can say with certainty – Sharik is engaged in something that is not typical for an ordinary dog. Details in Chapter IV.

“The Heart of a Dog”, Chapter III – Weekly Reads

The literary plot continues to develop, and Sharik gradually gets used to the new “himself”. But he does not yet understand what exactly happened to him, and he cannot even imagine what this will lead to. Details in Chapter III below! Enjoy reading!

“The Heart of a Dog”, Chapter II – Weekly Reads

Given below, Chapter II will tell you about an incredible transformation, on the connection of the non-connectable. Some might even call it the emergence of a new form of life. Such a miracle took place in an ordinary Soviet apartment in Moscow. Enjoy reading!