“The Master and Margarita”, Chapter I – Weekly Reads

We want to refresh your memory of the events that took place at the Patriarch’s Ponds in Moscow, where the chairman of the writers’ union Mikhail Berlioz and the poet Ivan Bezdomny were talking about Jesus Christ. A stranger intervened in their conversation and asked a very bold question about who, since there is no God, controls human life. In response to the statement “man rules himself,” he predicts Berlioz’s death: his head will be cut off by a “Russian woman, a member of the Komsomol” – and quite soon, because the mysterious Annushka has already spilled the sunflower oil.

Lyubov Belozerskaya – The Second Wife of Mikhail Bulgakov

The second wife became an excellent assistant in the work of Bulgakov. She was an invaluable source of information about the white emigration, as she herself went all the difficult way from Odessa to Paris through Constantinople. Her memoirs formed the basis of the play “Running” (“The Flight”).

Tatiana Lappa – The First Wife of Mikhail Bulgakov

Tatiana Nikolaevna is the ideal wife for Bulgakov in the guise of a doctor. Faithful, reliable, selfless, ready to go through any life trials with her beloved. Twice she saved him from inevitable death: Tatiana did not let him die from morphism in the Smolensk wilderness and came out of typhus in Vladikavkaz in 1920. It was her who took upon herself all the burdens of revolutionary hardships.

Spring Dinner by The Bulgakov Society and The Russian Club in Hong Kong

On 3rd March 2023, the Bulgakov Society in Hong Kong hosted a literary dinner, which was devoted to International Women`s Day.

After opening remarks by the founder of the Society – Ms. Julia Charlton, guests learned a lot about the history of the holiday and about love stories in the life of Bulgakov from speeches delivered by the most active members of the Society.

“The Heart of a Dog”, Chapter IX – Weekly Reads

The story of a unique medical experiment comes to its conclusion. Could a story like this have a happy ending? It’s hard to guess. But you can find out in Chapter IX below. We are sure that the ending of the plot will not leave you indifferent.