Christmas Dinner at Bulgakov Society

The Bulgakov Society celebrated Christmas on December 20, 2019 with its third meeting on the year with a lively dinner gathering, attended by Bulgakov afficianados from all over the world including Russia, France, the UK and Hong Kong. Christmas spirit was in the air and beautifully decorated Christmas trees created a particularly festive atmosphere for the evening. It was the Christmas trees in the works of Bulgakov that Julia Charlton referred to in her opening speech. During the event, guests shared their impressions of visiting the Bulgakov Museum in Moscow, with photographs and videos from places related to the life of the writer. Also, a new member of the Society read out an excerpt from “The Master and Margarita” in Russian accented English. In what is becoming a tradition, the guests participated in a quiz, which turned out to be very informative with members of the winning team each receiving a Behemoth mug. Guests enjoyed wonderful festive food and wine, and shared plans for the Christmas holidays and for the Bulgakov Society in the new year.